When two artists of differing disciplines work together, often the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.


Since 2009

New York City


GIlbert Galindo, Ryan MacGavin, and Ian Shafer


The DiMenna Center

The Brecht Forum (West Beth)

The Merce Cunningham Dance Studio (West Beth)


NYsoundCircuit is a multimedia salon series showcasing various arts disciplines and bringing their audiences together in an engaging environment for a full evening of works by contemporary artists.

The 2020 Relaunch of NYsoundCircuit!

What started in 2009 at the former Brecht Forum by co-founders Gilbert Galindo, John Glover, and Ryan MacGavin became a hotbed for underground new music and artistic creation for half a decade. This time around, Gilbert and Ryan team up with conductor Ian Shafer to continue the series in 2020. But first, we need your support! Donate now to help make this happen and to read more about the series.


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